Friday, June 6, 2008


Hi guys,

This Group is Created with a intention to promote Networking, People who like to grow their Network and help others in transition are Truly Open Networkers and deserve to be a part of this group.

When you Join this group, you agree to NEVER click "I Don't Know" or "Flag as Spam" to any Linkedin invitation. You have no right to Punish anybody, who wishes to be a part of your network, in fact you should support the upcoming Networkers.

Our Punch Line is "Grow and Let others grow".

Look forward to see you in OPEN NETWORKERS!

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Anonymous said...

Its an awesome group, I get lot of invitations through fellow members of OPEN NETWORKERS! group, I am connected to lot of new connections after joining this group.


Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues, Andre , recently joined your LinkedIn Open Networkers group and I am intrigued! It looks very interesting and I would like to join.
Thank you for your consideration,

Ben Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Has anyone created a list of the members emails yet for easier invitations?

Mario Rodriguez

Alana said...

I am an open networker as well. Please send me a request for Linkedin!!

I look forward to connecting!

Anonymous said...

I love to connect and have over 18K direct connections on LinekdIn. It's great to find this group!

Please send me an invitation to connect.

Joe Gillespie

Richard said...

I am new to this group and would like to add to my connections. Either send me an invite to or let me know if I can invite you.